Sports Illustrated Features Transgender Star Kim Petras in Swimsuit

May 18, 2023

The Swimsuit Edition magazine, issued on Monday, features biological man Kim Petras. Seen wearing a two-piece swimsuit on its cover. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition created this cover.

Petras is a transgender musician and songwriter who goes by the stage name Petras. Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition magazine features the Grammy Award winner. Presented as one of the “28 incredible women” celebrated for their bikini bodies in the latest issue. (Related: Teacher Who Showed Disney Movie With LGBT Theme In Class Accuses Worried Parents Of Not Loving Their Children)

The publication states, While she is proud that her work has inspired members of the trans community, she uses her platform to encourage others to reach for the stars, regardless of gender or sexuality.

First, look at it here: Kim Petras’ 2023 SI Swimsuit photos.

May 15, 2023 — Sports Illustrated Swimsuit (@SI_Swimsuit)

Numerous individuals express disappointment over SI’s choice to feature a biological male, on the cover of a publication that typically showcases female models.

Why do you all have such hatred toward women? one said
Someone other voiced their opinion, asking, Are you guys going to have Rachel Dozel the following year to continue the trend of people pretending to be things they are not?
One person said on Twitter, accompanied by photographs of historic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models.  I'm old enough to remember when men thought @SI_Swimsuit models were hot…maybe because the cover models weren't dudes with boobs. The user was referring to the fact that the men on the magazine cover did not have breasts.

Yumi Nu, a plus-size model, was featured in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated for the year 2022. When clinical psychologist and authoritarian tolerance advocate Dr. Jordan B. Peterson noted that the model “was not beautiful” and that “no amount of authoritarian tolerance [was] going to change that,” he incited a firestorm of controversy.

As of this year, Martha Stewart, who is now 81 years old, is the oldest model to appear in the swimsuit edition. Megan Fox, a supermodel, was another one of the subjects of the legendary magazine.


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