You won’t believe what this former Burger King employee is up to now

June 21, 2023

Angela White, the acclaimed adult film actress, has opened up about her past of engaging in brief encounters with men she flirted with in the car park, during her pre-fame days working at Burger King.

An internationally renowned adult film star recently gave some intriguing insights into her life before joining the industry. While working at the drive-thru window of Burger King, Angela White would indulge in playful banter with the patrons.

The revelation came to light during her conversation with Glenny Balls on his OnlyStans podcast, where she was quizzed about her employment history before entering the adult industry.

The 38-year-old actress, who is associated with Brazzers, recounted her past jobs, which included a stint at a department store and a period of employment at Burger King.

On the podcast, which has received over 9,500 likes, Angela narrated, “I had a job at an upscale department store named David Jones in Australia, similar to the elegance of Fifth Avenue. Also, I used to work at Burger King.”

Glenny was surprised when she brought up the fast-food giant and probed the OnlyFans sensation about her favorite aspects of working there.

Predictably, her response had a sultry undertone. Angela confessed that she relished the thrill of flirting with the customers while serving them at the drive-thru.

However, she admits there was an instance when the flirtation escalated, leading to a sexual encounter with a customer in the car park.

She detailed, “I managed the drive-thru, a perfect spot for flirting with customers due to the absence of supervision. By the way, operating the drive-thru was a privilege, a testament to your intelligence.”

In response to Glenny’s curiosity about how she “picked up” at the drive-thru, she stated that she had sex “in the car park.”

Stunned, Glenny responded, “So, you spontaneously met him at the drive-thru and then had sex in the parking lot. That’s impressive. Kudos to him.”

She nonchalantly commented, “It was just a quickie, nothing more.”

Listening to her, the podcast host acknowledged, “That’s a fantasy come true.”

Burger King has been reached out to for a response regarding the allegations made on the podcast.


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