You won’t believe what Miley Cyrus said about her infamous wardrobe malfunctio

June 10, 2023

Who could forget that unforgettable New Year’s Eve hosted by Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson, where Miley’s top decided to stage an impromptu exit?

To jog your memory: As Miley belted out “Party in the USA”, the chain on her shimmering halter top gave way, causing her to momentarily exit the stage, only to return donning a red jacket. With impressive poise, she continued her performance, even altering the lyrics of “Party in the USA” to “Everybody’s definitely looking at me now,” followed by “I’m still in the most clothes that I’ve ever worn on stage.”

Recently, Miley revisited that incident while discussing her 17 most iconic looks for British Vogue. She mentioned, “This ensemble didn’t last too long as the chain in the back failed. But, isn’t a live TV show all about unpredictable twists and turns? Live TV is akin to tightrope walking. The audience wants to see you teeter, but not tumble. We had hyped up the show saying, ‘It’s Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson, it’s going to be wild, expect the unexpected.’ And in contrast to Pete, I’m quite sophisticated. And oh, the ratings soared. As Dolly used to say, ‘A little skin show ensures a show goes on.'”

My new mantra for the upcoming summer of 2023 is definitely “A little skin show ensures a show goes on”, apologies in advance to my mother.

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