You Won’t Believe How Chloe Fineman Nails Lily-Rose Depp’s Impersonation on ‘SNL

June 11, 2023

“Saturday Night Live” may be temporarily suspended due to the ongoing writers’ strike in Hollywood, yet the show’s cast member, Chloe Fineman, is compensating for this intermission by releasing comedic sketches on various social media platforms.

At 34, Fineman recently uploaded a hilarious parody of the character Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, in HBO’s celeb-focused drama “The Idol,” to her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

The comedienne, seen in the video clutching multiple cigarettes, donned a lace bodysuit backwards and engaged in a dialogue about the sensual impacts of her music. “Music should feel like it’s poly or bi. Music is genderless,” she declares in the video posted this Thursday.

She continues, “So, I met this dude last night. His name’s Tedros, he seemed like he was clothed straight from a bat cave, but I reckon he’s gonna shake up my career,” making an allusion to the club DJ and proprietor, Tedros, embodied by singer-songwriter The Weeknd (credited under his birth name, Abel Tesfaye).

Subsequently, Fineman hilariously mimicked a scene from the inaugural episode where Tedros shrouds her face with a robe. As part of the spoof, the comedienne belted out hits like Cher’s “Believe,” Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine,” and Jewel’s “Hands” through the garment.

Fineman later released a behind-the-scenes video on TikTok, sharing that she filmed the spoof outdoors at 8:30 in the morning, coinciding with the local school rush hour.

@chloefineman♬ original sound – Chloe Fineman

“My neighbors all exclaimed, ‘Ah! You’re back in town!’ ” Fineman reminisced. “I’m uncertain if this will yield any positive outcome but … yes … I need to avoid being outdoors without clothes.”

Both Depp and Tesfaye found the parody amusing.

“Literally laughing out loud,” the lead actress Depp commented on Instagram, accompanied by numerous laughing emojis.

She further complimented, “Your makeup is on point.”

In response, Tesfaye shared the video on his Twitter account with three laughing-crying emojis.

Critique: HBO’s ‘The Idol’ is demeaning, excessive, exploitative … and painfully dull

“The Idol” has been embroiled in controversy due to allegations of a toxic environment, instability, and various other issues behind the scenes.

The first episode of the series received a dismal one-star rating out of four by USA TODAY TV critic Kelly Lawler.

Lawler writes in her review, “The ‘Idol’ in question is Jocelyn (Depp), an emerging pop star poised for a revival following an unclear mental breakdown (the plot specifics seem to be of little importance to the writers). As her concert ticket sales plummet and she is on the brink of launching a crucial new single, a scandalous image of Jocelyn is leaked online. Overwhelmed by the fallout, Jocelyn stumbles upon Tedros (Tesfaye), a DJ and club owner who swiftly inveigles himself into her life. Tedros may seem like a typical Hollywood schmuck, but the obtrusive musical signals whenever he appears hint at his hidden malevolent agenda.”

She concludes: “This isn’t a satirical take on the music industry, nor a grimy sexual daydream. It rather resembles a poorly executed music video blown out of proportion, overflowing with bare skin, ill-advised lighting, and pricey sets. However, no one is interested in enduring a six-hour music video.”

Lily-Rose Depp: ‘The Idol’ star describes her childhood with father Johnny Depp as ‘ordinary’.

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