You Won’t Believe How Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico Looks Now in Her Red Swimsuit… Prepare to Be Amazed

June 23, 2023

The iconic “Baywatch” star, Donna D’Errico, indulged in a trip down memory lane on Friday.

Donna, the golden-haired stunner, had slipped into a crimson one-piece bathing suit reminiscent of the one she donned in her popular television series “Baywatch,” which also boasted stars like David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

The captivating siren, who recently celebrated her 55th birthday, radiated heat as she showcased her fabulous physique in the sun’s warm glow.

The television personality flaoted her fit arms, a slim waist, and elongated, toned legs, all complemented by a rich deep brown tan.

The stunning actress struck a pose against a vibrant yellow Jeep, gazing out at the sea from the idyllic beachfront.

The erstwhile Playboy model even clung to one of the red flotation devices synonymous with her evening drama series. A classic French manicure completed her sleek look.

In her caption, she made a playful reference to Baywatch, a series that continues to garner appreciation in reruns. She wrote, “Recreating Baywatch in Miami #baywatch #beachlife #90s.”

Fans showered the picture with praise, commending her ‘incredible’ looks and agreeing that she remained ‘very attractive.’

A follower commented, “My favourite lifeguard, Donna Marco, could save me anytime. I was so smitten with her that my friends used to tease me about it, but I didn’t mind.”

Back in March, she had similarly reminisced about the show.

She shared a risqué picture where she teased a glimpse of her toned stomach by adjusting her red swimsuit and white tank top.

“Sharing some cake on my birthday because I said I would, because I feel like it, and because why not,” the vivacious star posted.

The Alabama-born celebrity added, “Have a great day everyone. I know I will! I love you all!”

This comes after she recently took to social media to defend herself against critics who deemed her frequent sexy posts as ‘indecent.’

Donna marked her birthday month in style, sharing a topless photo on March 3 with the caption, “It’s my birthday month, so here’s a glimpse of me in half my birthday suit.”

On March 9, she shared another racy image, saying, “It’s National Barbie Day. It’s also still National Donna D’Errico Birthday Month. Here’s a tribute to both, as I lounge in Barbie pink, and a promise to share some cake on my birthday.”

Fellow actress Tracey Bregman expressed her affection for her friend Donna by sharing an old picture of them in chic dresses.

Taken during a night out, both women looked stunning, and Bregman wrote: “Whether we’re casually strutting down the street or navigating life’s highs and lows, you always have a companion in me. Happy birthday beautiful @donnaderrico.”

D’Errico later shared this heartfelt message on her Instagram Stories.

Just last week, the star expressed her dismay over critics who labeled her sexy posts as ‘vulgar.’

And on Sunday, the Playboy model reiterated her frustration over online trolls who painted her in an indecent light.

Donna posted a sultry photo of herself clad in a light pink lacy lingerie set at her Los Angeles home. With a coy smile, she faced sideways.

She firmly responded to the criticism in the caption, “If this is vulgar then so is @victoriassecret. I think this is elegant.

The moment I post my first video on TikTok and everyone loses their minds, are you serious? Considering all the lewd content out there? People amaze me. I’m laughing. Link in bio!”

In a subsequent post, she was seen in a translucent white bathing suit and wrote, ‘Here’s me squatting once more in a swimsuit. It’s quite enjoyable doing whatever I please.’

She then thanked her followers, ‘I love you guys so much. Thank you all for being so supportive. Have a beautiful day.’

Prior to this, the blonde bombshell had used her Insta Stories to hit back at critics who referred to her pinup shots as ‘vulgar.’

Donna shared a screenshot of the publication’s headline, which read, ‘Baywatch Donna D’Errico launches vulgar TikTok account with saucy bikini videos.’

Donna took offense at the portrayal and didn’t mince words in her response.

The entertainer defended herself, saying, ‘Um… it’s just one video of me in a bikini.

‘Nice try at clickbait, but I don’t appreciate it since I’m not vulgar and don’t post or do vulgar stuff.’

The mother-of-two frequently directs followers to click her ‘link in bio,’ leading to her Only Fans account that states, ‘Wears bikinis, Makes millions.’

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