Warning: These muscle-worshipping secrets will leave you amazed and wanting more

June 22, 2023

In a unique twist of events, 31-year-old Jessica Sestrem, a dedicated bodybuilder hailing from Germany, shares her experiences with adoration and disdain in the fitness world. From a tender age, Jessica took to weightlifting, drawn by the allure of strength and the beauty she saw in athletic bodies.

Now a seasoned pro, Jessica proudly boasts her credentials as a certified personal trainer and a professional member of the International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness. She also maintains a thriving OnlyFans page, a platform where her muscular allure is admired by a unique group of followers who have an affinity for “muscle worship.”

She revealed to the Daily Star: “I came to realize that there’s a niche audience who appreciate my form and are willing to pay for exclusive content. This may include workouts, arm-wrestling, flexing, and domination.”

“Muscle worship is essentially a fetish where an individual admires the muscular form of another. Typically, it’s men who have an attraction for strong, powerful women. It’s often a secret passion, undisclosed to friends, family, or partners. Hence, they covertly join these private spaces.”

Jessica’s commitment to maintaining her formidable physique is unwavering. She spends almost all week in the gym, only resting one day. As she prepares for bodybuilding contests, her regimen intensifies to two training sessions per day. She also strictly follows a protein, carb, and fat-rich diet, with her go-to meal being the bodybuilding staple of chicken, vegetables, and rice.

Although she is proud of the body she has honed, Jessica admits there’s room for improvement. “I’m fond of my shape but recognize areas of weakness, like muscle development and symmetry. Bodybuilding is a journey, there’s always something to improve.”

She harbors dreams of winning a professional show and competing at Ms Olympia, the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding. However, her public image has not been without backlash. The bodybuilder often finds herself the recipient of unsolicited hate messages online, particularly on platforms like TikTok where the focus isn’t fitness or lifestyle.

“I get hate messages daily because of how I look,” she confessed. “When a woman pursues bodybuilding and attains a high level of muscle mass, it’s considered out of the norm. Negative comments are expected when I put myself out there online, but I prefer to concentrate on those who appreciate my efforts.”

In the face of adversity, Jessica aspires to inspire women contemplating a bodybuilding journey. She believes her story can shed light on the experiences of women in the sport.

“It’s astounding that discrimination against female bodybuilders still exists, and many people lack understanding about what it entails. I’m always glad to see bodybuilding highlighted in the media. I aspire to be a role model for women who desire to be strong, muscular, and powerful. Muscularity doesn’t equate to masculinity, and despite the haters, there’s a community that appreciates muscular women,” she concluded.



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