Tony Bennett Reveals Secret Battle with Terrible Disease For Years

May 17, 2023
Tony BennettNEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 28: Tony Bennett performs at the ninth annual Exploring The Arts Gala in Sept. 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images 8th Annual Exploring The Arts Gala)

Tony Bennett Opens Up About Years of Secretly Battling a Devastating Disease

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett has just revealed that he has been battling a cancer for many years but has kept it a secret from his fans and colleagues. Alzheimer’s disease has been causing Tony a lot of difficulty. He received the formal diagnosis four years ago. In a recent interview with AARP magazine, he discussed his challenges for the first time since then. Even though the iconic musician is fighting a tough battle, it appears like he is keeping a positive attitude about the situation. Just now, he wrote the following on Twitter:

Even if you have Alzheimer’s disease, life is still a gift. I’d want to extend my gratitude to Susan, [his wife], and the rest of my family for all of their support, as well as to AARP the Magazine for publishing my story.

Tony Bennett said to the publication that despite the fact that he was diagnosed with the condition four years ago. He didn’t begin experiencing any symptoms until roughly two years ago.

Tony Bennett with wife Susan

Susan, his wife, also discussed the challenges of dealing with the sickness as follows:

There are many aspects about him that I will miss. Simply because he is not the same Tony that he used to be… However, when he sings, he transforms into the old Tony.

At the age of 94, Tony’s physician, Dr. Gayatri Devi, has provided reassuring information on his overall health:

Tony Bennett is really the symbol of hope for someone who has a cognitive disorder. Because he is doing so many things at the age of 94 that many people without dementia cannot do.

The doctors feel that Tony’s singing sessions, which still take place twice a week, are helping to keep his brain in good shape.

During the course of the conversation, the writer from AARP provided some insight into Tony’s condition:

When Susan put her hand on his shoulder, he maintained a mask-like expression of impassivity, but there was a glimmer of awareness in the corner of his eye.

Tony Bennett, I beg you to keep your courage. Your supporters are all pulling for you to succeed.


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