The Luxurious Yacht Dive that Stole Mollie King’s Heart—Guess Who Was with Her

June 25, 2023

Stuart Broad and Mollie King were caught in an affectionate display during their romantic boat journey in Formentera.

Mollie, the 36-year-old ex-vocalist from The Saturdays, was pictured wearing a chestnut bikini as she held tight to her 37-year-old cricket star boyfriend, Stuart.

With her blonde locks flowing, the sea breeze and water added a natural curl to her hair, while her bangs were neatly secured behind her ear.

Fearless Mollie was spotted diving off the yacht into the ocean, with one of her friends capturing the moment.

Seemingly jubilant, the duo was seen splashing around in the water, sharing kisses and hugs under the watchful eyes of their friends.

The spacious yacht provided numerous spots to jump off from. While Mollie chose a lower level, her adventurous fiancé picked a higher diving board.

Footballers Tyrone Mings, with his girlfriend Frankee Rose, and Danny Ings also joined the couple for the summer escapade.

Despite their on-again, off-again relationship since 2012, and a break in 2018, the couple reunited in 2019. They committed to make it permanent this time and got engaged on the first day of 2021.

However, the path ahead wasn’t free of bumps.

With their original plan to wed in the subsequent summer, the couple was forced to postpone due to the uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to challenges in securing a wedding venue.

He told The Express, “Planning a wedding has indeed been tough in these times. We thought about last summer but it seemed too risky and feared cancellation.”

“Wedding plans are definitely our priority and it should take place early next year.”

However, two years later, they have not yet walked down the aisle.

Their life took a different turn, and their home was filled with baby stuff.

With the arrival of their first child at the end of last year, the wedding plans took a back seat.

They shared the joyous news through a mutual Instagram post where Mollie is seen holding their baby girl, dressed in a plush onesie.

Another photo showed the proud dad planting a kiss on their baby girl’s face.

“Welcome to the world Annabella Broad. Our love for you is beyond measure,” they captioned the photo while revealing their daughter’s name.

Mollie’s bandmate, Rochelle Humes, was quick to congratulate them, calling the baby “gorgeous”.

“I had to go from zero to a hundred,” she says with a chuckle. “Now, I have a solid understanding of the game.”

Just a few weeks before her delivery, Mollie shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, showing off her baby bump and announcing her maternity leave.

“I’m eager to show these photos to our little girl when she’s older, and they’ll be a beautiful reminder of my pregnancy now that I’m in the final weeks,” the singer-turned-host shared with her followers.

She continued, “Today is the first day of my maternity leave – time has flown by, but my body is asking me to rest now! Cleaning and cooking are off my to-do list, right @stuartbroad.”

“I must admit, I’ve become such a cliché, fully immersed in the nesting phase. I’ve started noticing things that need doing around the flat, things that have been left undone for a decade but suddenly feel urgent,” Mollie admitted as she reached out to her followers for suggestions on must-have items for her soon-to-be-born daughter.

The joyous couple had earlier kept the sex of their baby private for a few weeks before hosting a delightful gender reveal.

Posting a video of herself and Stuart bursting a ‘Boy or Girl’ balloon in late October, the ‘All Fired Up’ singer revealed to her Instagram followers: “For months our families have been predicting and guessing the baby’s gender, but it’s been wonderful keeping it between us.”

“Our due date is fast approaching, and we’re amazed by how close it is, so last weekend felt like the perfect time to gather everyone and share the news.”

Mollie and Stuart first started dating in 2012 and their relationship has had its ups and downs until their break up in 2018.

However, they reignited their love story in 2019 and got engaged on New Year’s Day 2021.

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