Taylor Swift’s secret scandal: Why is she ignoring her own trash

July 5, 2023

Pop sensation Taylor Swift is reportedly dealing with fines amounting to over $3,000 for litter accumulation at her residence in New York City.

The 33-year-old artist, currently mesmerizing fans on her ‘Eras’ tour, is also reportedly grappling with the aftermath of her speculated split with Matt Healy. The pair’s romance seemed to be brief, just weeks in duration.

However, a different problem looms over Swift as she’s accrued a significant amount in penalties due to garbage accumulation outside her NYC abode.

Swift, known for her hit track ‘Bad Blood’, has allegedly received 32 fines for not maintaining cleanliness around her residential property, leading to a sum total of $3,010 in penalties.

These substantial fines were not imposed all at once, but spanned over a considerable period. As per reports obtained by the New York Post, these fines were levied between January 2018 and January 2023.

Inspectors who visited Swift’s townhouse were reportedly dismayed with the state of the sidewalks and the singer’s ‘improper disposal of garbage’.

The sidewalk in front of Swift’s luxurious dwelling was purportedly littered with heaps of newspapers, bottles, cardboard, and napkins. The New York Post reported finding ‘a few crushed cigarette butts’ outside the property.

The townhouse mainly serves as a private entrance to Swift’s adjacent penthouse, on which she reportedly spent $30 million.

Swift has seemingly contested some of these fines, leading to a $200 deduction from the total penalty amount.

One disgruntled local, a 22-year-old dog walker, criticized the pop star to The Post, “She seems indifferent about the trash issue. It seems she’s more preoccupied with her multi-million dollar tour that’s draining her fans’ pockets.”

Conversely, a former landlord of Swift’s had nothing but praise for the ‘Blank Space’ singer. David Aldea, Swift’s previous landlord, appreciated her saying, “She was an exemplary tenant all along and a pleasure to interact with. I have nothing but commendable things to say about her.”

Some of Swift’s fans have come forward in her defense, speculating that the trash could have been left by fans hoping to spot the singer.

One supporter on social media defended, “It’s probably her fans waiting and smoking out of boredom. She doesn’t even smoke!”

Regardless of guilt, some question why Swift is contesting the fines, as $3,000 is a minuscule amount in comparison to her wealth.

Her ongoing global tour is predicted to gross over $1 billion, poised to shatter records in the music industry.

UNILAD has contacted Swift’s representatives for a comment on the matter.

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