Pak SIM Card Information: Understanding the Key Details and Tracing Methods

March 5, 2023

Features app this app

  • The mobile application offers various features to users in Pakistan.
  • Users can find registered mobile SIM card numbers by entering the CNIC.
  • CNIC details are also accessible through the app.
  • The application provides information on the SIM card owner, including their name and address.
  • The app is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The app is designed exclusively for Pakistan’s SIM card details.

There are different ways to trace a SIM card number depending on the purpose and legality of the tracing. Here are some ways to trace a SIM card number:

  1. Mobile Network Operator: The most straightforward way to trace a SIM card number is by contacting the mobile network operator that issued the SIM card. They can provide information about the SIM card, such as the IMSI and MSISDN numbers, and the user’s identity and location, depending on the legal requirements and procedures.
  2. Law Enforcement Agencies: Law enforcement agencies can trace SIM card numbers as part of their investigation into criminal activities. They can request information from the mobile network operator, such as the IMSI and MSISDN numbers, call records, and user identity and location, with a warrant or court order.
  3. Reverse Lookup Services: Some online services offer reverse lookup services that can help trace a SIM card number. These services use public records and databases to provide information about the owner of the SIM card, such as name, address, and other contact information. However, the accuracy and legality of these services can vary, and they may not be available in all countries.
  4. Mobile Tracking Apps: Some mobile tracking apps can track the location of a device associated with a SIM card number. These apps can be useful for locating a lost or stolen phone, or for monitoring the whereabouts of a family member or employee with their consent.

SIM cards, or Subscriber Identity Module cards, are small memory cards that store user identification and authentication data used in mobile phones and other portable devices. Here are some key points about SIM card information:

  1. IMSI: The IMSI, or International Mobile Subscriber Identity, is a unique identification number assigned to each SIM card. It is used to identify the user to the mobile network operator and is an essential piece of information stored on the SIM card.
  2. MSISDN: The MSISDN, or Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number, is the phone number associated with the SIM card. It is used to identify the user’s phone number and allow them to make and receive calls and messages.
  3. Authentication Key: The authentication key is a security feature stored on the SIM card used to authenticate the user to the mobile network operator. It is used to verify the user’s identity and protect against fraudulent activities.
  4. Network Information: SIM cards also store network information, such as the mobile network operator’s name, network type (2G, 3G, 4G), and roaming information.
  5. Personal Information: Some SIM cards also store personal information, such as the user’s name, address, and other identifying information. This information is typically only stored on the SIM card for use in emergency situations.
  6. Security Measures: SIM card information is protected by advanced security measures, such as encryption, access controls, and firewalls. These measures help prevent unauthorized access and protect the user’s privacy.

More Feature :

  • This mobile application allows users to trace a mobile number’s name, CNIC number, or location.
  • The app is free of cost and can be used to track mobile numbers, including the user’s own number, using the SIM Information System.
  • The app offers several features, such as the ability to search by number or CNIC details, view total numbers, and show details of the SIM card owner, including their name, address, and other associated numbers.
  • The app also includes a live tracker for SIM owner details and allows users to check for SIM cards associated with a specific CNIC or owner name.
  • The app is designed to enable PTA SIM card checks and provides information on all SIM cards associated with a particular CNIC.

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