Is Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss set to dominate OnlyFans and outshine her love rival Ariana Madix

June 10, 2023

Vanderpump Rules sensation Raquel Leviss has found herself at the center of television drama due to her relationship with Ariana Madix’s boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, earning her the title of the most loathed woman on TV.

However, her standing could transform into a golden opportunity as a potential multi-million-dollar income waits for her on OnlyFans, promising to elevate her financial status above that of her romantic competitor, Ariana.

Former reality star and prominent OnlyFans artist, Olivia Frazer, recognized for her infamous role in Married At First Sight, suggested to Daily Mail Australia that Raquel’s earnings could swiftly soar into the millions if she were to join the content subscription service.

‘In a single month, she could accumulate a fortune,’ Frazer mentioned, then likened her own revenue from OnlyFans to the prospective wealth Raquel could amass.

‘Simply considering the number of followers she has compared to mine when I started, along with the magnitude of our respective scandals, she could rake in a fortune!’ she added.

‘The potential income is considerable. Even if she just shares behind-the-scenes details behind a paywall.’

Frazer, who was labeled the villain in the ninth season of Married At First Sight Australia, managed to convert the scandal into substantial profits through OnlyFans shortly after her season concluded, netting her $500,000 in a brief period.

With triple the followers of Olivia, and a cheating scandal – named Scandoval – that has been the most talked-about celebrity controversy in recent memory, Raquel’s potential earnings could easily exceed $1 million a month, should she decide to join OnlyFans.

High earnings on OnlyFans isn’t a rarity for models and reality stars with notoriety. Social media influencer Corinna Kopf rakes in around $2 million a month, while rapper Bhad Bhabie could make up to $4 million per month.

Yet, Olivia, despite her own considerable financial gain, cautioned that OnlyFans might not be the healthiest choice for Raquel, given her current mental state.

‘I have doubts about the morality of her joining OnlyFans, given her evident vulnerability,’ admitted Frazer, who faced her own mental health challenges after receiving relentless online trolling from viewers of the dating series.

She acknowledged the benefits but also the drawbacks, saying, ‘It’s a double-edged sword. The income and positive interactions I experienced on OnlyFans were a lifeline. However, the leaking of my private content certainly induces anxiety about my present and future.’

Currently, Raquel is stepping away from the public eye and is receiving mental health treatment.

As Raquel tends to her mental health, her former friend Ariana is amassing considerable wealth through endorsement deals, a movie role, and a successful merchandise line.

According to PR and branding professionals consulted by Daily Mail Australia last month, Ariana’s financial windfall from the affair could surpass $1 million by year-end.

Yet, that estimate has grown exponentially as Madix continues to secure more high-profile deals.

Recently, she shot an ad for Duracell batteries and featured on the cover of Glamour magazine.

In a conversation with the magazine, Madix confirmed that she intends to capitalize on the Scandoval scandal as much as possible.

Madix has not held back in her criticism of Raquel since the affair became public, harshly rebuking her former close friend as ‘diabolical, demented, disgusting, [and] subhuman’ at the latest Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Furthermore, Madix advised the 28-year-old to ‘go and do something extremely unpleasant to yourself.’

She continued with an intense tirade, saying, ‘You are a disappointment, utterly revolting, and I wish you all the worst that life can possibly throw

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