Google Allo – The Transformative App that Lets You Do More

Google Allo is the latest app from Google which enables you to say more and do more to your chats. It’s a smart messaging app which is meant to compete with Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, iMessage, and WhatsApp. With Google Allo, you can express yourself better with doodles, stickers, text as well as emojis. As a matter of fact, you can engage your friends without much typing because this app suggests emoji and text responses depending on your personality. This sounds cool! Doesn’t it? Oh yes it is, and the more reason you should ensure you install it on your smartphone if you haven’t already done that!

This amazing app was announced at Google I/O earlier this year and was released to the market on September 20, 2016. Though many people thought Google Allo was coming to replace Hangouts, Google made it clear that this is a standalone app that will be running on iOS and Android.

Unique Features of Google Allo

Unlike its peers in the market, Google Allo comes loaded with numerous features that effectively put it ahead of the pack. Some of the outstanding features of this app include:

Personalized Answers

Google Allo has built-in machine learning capabilities thanks to Google Assistant which is the company’s virtual assistant. According to Erik Kay, Google’s Engineering Director, this app learns with time to make your chats easier, more enjoyable, and productive. It studies the phrases and emoji responses you frequently use and as such will be able to give you personalized answers that will be useful in your conversations. You guessed it! You will now be able to chat more without so much typing.

Whisper or Shout to Pass Your Point

Just imagine whispering or shouting to get your point across without leaving the chat window. Pretty cool! With Google Allo, this is much possible and you just need to slide down to whisper and slide up to shout and Google Assistant will provide you with whatever you need to share with your friends; be it a funny image, movie or search results on the latest news of a particular topic on the web. This means you can continue with your chat without any disruption.

Make Any Image a Work of Art

This is another amazing feature of Google Allo that puts it on its own pedestal of success. With this feature, you can create a great piece of art with the photos you are sending your friends by simply adding text or doodling on them. You can even turn your buddies into memes, draw a smiley face, and mix your favorite colors to give the picture your personal taste and feel.  It’s worth noting that this feature is only available on Android platform at the moment.

Professionally Done Stickers

Stickers in this app are professionally designed and creatively done by independent studios and artists from across the globe. This adds a unique twist to your conversation and keeps the fun and excitement of chatting with your friends flowing seamlessly.

Incognito Mode

This is a feature that provides you with end-to-end encryption. What this means is that a third party cannot tap into your conversation. In addition, this feature gives you the opportunity to control the duration your messages can stick around; you set the expiry dates of the chats. You can also be able to set it to be receiving private notifications.  This helps to keep your conversations as discreet as possible.

With all the above unique features and the fact that it is a pretty easy to use app, makes Google Allo an amazing and attractive alternative to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage.

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