“Exclusive: Inside the Controversial Love Story of an 18-Year-Old OnlyFans Star and Her Dad’s Age-Match!”

June 13, 2023

An 18-year-old social media celebrity has caught her followers off guard by announcing that her current boyfriend is nearly as old as her father.

Ppwang, known in real life as Paris Ow-Yang, transitioned from being a TikToker to an OnlyFans content creator. She is romantically involved with Julian Tobias, a 44-year-old playboy and nightclub magnate.

In a recent interview with the Pnclads podcast, Ow-Yang let slip that her father, a practicing neurosurgeon, is 46 years old.

‘There’s only a two-year gap between my boyfriend and my dad,’ stated the Bondi-based Ow-Yang.

‘So, my dad is 46 and Julian is 44.’

Ow-Yang mentioned that she first encountered Tobias at a Sydney eatery when she was just 17.

The podcast snippet was subsequently uploaded on TikTok, where it sparked a torrent of comments.

‘Wait, did she just admit her boyfriend is 44?’ queried one user.

‘Wasn’t it just last year that she finished high school?’ wondered another.

Tobias, who manages the esteemed Sydney Harbour locale The Island and Sussudio disco in Potts Point, has been seen around the city with Ow-Yang of late.

They declined to comment when approached by Daily Mail Australia last month, but their friends reported that the two have been ‘close pals’ for a while now, only recently escalating the relationship. Ow-Yang is reportedly a frequent guest at Tobias’ luxurious $5.5 million Bondi penthouse.

Having launched his first Sydney bar in 2009, Tobias has built a reputation for dating a string of glamorous and prominent women over time.

His most noteworthy relationship so far has been with French model Charlotte Coquelin, to whom he was reportedly engaged for five years before she decided to return to Paris in 2021.

He also made news in 2014 when he started dating Nina Dobrev, a Canadian actress best known for her role in Vampire Diaries, before getting involved with Alexis Ren, an American Instagram sensation, in 2016.

In contrast, Ow-Yang enjoys significant popularity on OnlyFans, drawing an impressive 40,000 views per post on the adult-only subscription platform.

She also has an enormous fan base on TikTok and Instagram.

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