Elegance Personified: Scarlett Johansson graces the Baftas red carpet, representing ‘Marriage Story’ with unparalleled grace and style

September 29, 2023

She’s back at it again, folks. Once more, she’s chosen that uniquely peculiar style – opting for sleek hair and somewhat eccentric makeup…












…along with a gown that screams total drag queen chic. Her preference always seems to lean towards the Jayne Mansfield/Marilyn Monroe kind of dresses, but then, the execution in styling seems to miss the mark. Indeed, it’s understandable why an Actress of Serious caliber might shy away from embracing a full Blonde Bombshell look in her styling, but THAT’S THE VERY REASON TO AVOID CHOOSING THE MARILYN DRESSES, DEAR.

We’d actually prefer to see her fully embrace it, stick with this style of dress (can’t deny it suits her), and experiment more with playful hair and makeup. Her overly defined contouring makes it seem like she’s had a face-off with someone inside a chilled walk-in cooler.

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