Doctor’s shocking escape after hitting cop with the car – Discover why she received $1.2 million!

May 15, 2023

After illegal parking, a Bronx cancer surgeon begged that a police officer let her go, claiming, “I’m the hero.” When the police informed her she was arrested, she fled in her car, striking the officer. The judge has now given her $1.2 million.
Dr Rachel Wellner, a former Bronx cancer surgeon, returned seconds later to discover two New York Police Officers handing her a citation after unlawful parking in a crosswalk to dash inside the Vitamin Shoppe at the junction of Eighth Avenue and 55th Street. Wellner is said to have informed the officers, “I’m the hero — the cops are not.” According to the authorities, she then stated that she had lived to rescue and that they should let her go without a ticket, according to Blue Lives Matter.

I’m a doctor, she’s said to have sniffed. I have patients who are nearing the end of their lives. I have to leave.

Wellner, on the other hand, was lying. She was driving home from work, seemingly hoping to escape a penalty. When her excuse failed to stop cops from issuing the citation, she exploded. According to authorities, Wellner got aggressive and attempted to flee in her vehicle. Things took a turn for the worst when they sought to arrest her.
Wellner screamed that the cops were torturing her and broke free before rushing into her Volvo. According to the New York Post, the doctor put her car in gear and accelerated, hitting one of the police officers in the legs.

She went on a homophobic rant, saying,

All women who are cops are dykes. The officers attempted to handcuff Wellner, who was now sitting in the car and yelling, Help! The cops are attacking me!

Wellner was captured and arrested a few streets away for resisting arrest and reckless endangerment. She entered a guilty plea, reducing her charges to one count of disorderly conduct. However, that was not the only smack in the face the police received due to their encounter with Wellner.
Even though Wellner was finally sentenced to two years of conditional release and only 10 days of community service, she would soon receive a large sum of money. The doctor sued the authorities, accusing them of using excessive force during her attempted arrest, and demanded a $30 million payment. The jury decided with Wellner but agreed on a sizable $1.2-million settlement.

Wellner disputed any allegations that she was confrontational or made disparaging remarks about police officers. She even claims to have informed the police that they are heroes.

The officer allegedly asked her if she was some sort of hero or something.

No, I don’t consider myself a hero, she allegedly said. You guys are legends. However, I do have patient emergencies.

Wellner argues that the arresting officer attacked her and used excessive force. She further claims that she just hopped into her car and sped up, striking the police, because she feared for her life.

He grabbed me right along my rib cage, by the breasts, and started squeezing my body as hard as he could, Wellner said.

Here I was, attempting to defuse a situation by offering to move the car and apologizing. I had the impression that I was being pre-judged. The optic was, Here is a doctor who thinks she can do anything she wants.

Wellner sobbed as she described how she was sacked from her position at the Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care. She also expressed her fear of leaving her $4,500-per-month apartment. She is currently a semi-autobiographical erotic novelist, stand-up comedian, and author of children’s books.
Wellner maintains that she did nothing illegal that day and that the cops are to blame. She claims that their excessive force worsened the situation and forced her to escape for her life.

Wellner will earn a large compensation regardless of the facts because she was too eager to find a suitable parking place. What is an incentive to break traffic rules, disrespect police officials, defy arrest, and escape the scene if not?

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