Discover the unbelievable journey of Pregnant Peta Murgatroyd and her 39-week milestone!

June 11, 2023

Awaiting the Arrival: Peta Murgatroyd Reflects on a Miraculous Pregnancy Journey

Excitement fills the air as Peta Murgatroyd, the talented star of Dancing With the Stars, prepares to welcome her second child. The upcoming arrival marks the end of a remarkable journey for Peta and her family, who have faced years of fertility struggles.

In a heartfelt Instagram post shared on Friday, June 9, the 36-year-old professional dancer expressed her gratitude and acknowledged the challenges she encountered along the way. Peta shared video clips capturing the emotional moment she discovered she was expecting another baby, confessing her initial reluctance to share such intimate footage. However, she realized that this was her personal journey—a journey that may not be picture-perfect but one that has transformed her as a woman. She wrote, “I am a changed woman from these events, I think a better woman.”

Having undergone a rollercoaster ride of emotions for two and a half years, Peta revealed that she prayed daily for a miracle. Today, with happiness and contentment in her heart, she appreciates the blessings she has and vows not to take anything for granted. She admits, “I never thought this day, at 39 weeks, would come. I was infatuated with the idea of being pregnant with my second child, believing it would complete me. However, I needed to recognize and come to terms with the fact that I am already whole. I have a beautiful, healthy family who loves me, and that was something I wasn’t able to see.”

The joyous news of Peta Murgatroyd’s pregnancy with her rainbow baby—a term used for a baby born after a previous loss—was announced by Peta and her husband, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, in January. The couple’s journey was marked by heartbreaking miscarriages, failed IVF cycles, and countless fertility struggles. Already parents to their 6-year-old son, Shai, Peta and Maksim eagerly anticipate the arrival of their new bundle of joy.

Reflecting on her initial reaction upon learning of her pregnancy, the New Zealand-born dancer admitted to feeling a mix of fear and uncertainty. She explained to Us Weekly in March that she was cautious about sharing the news due to her previous experiences. Protecting herself emotionally, she shielded her excitement until the pregnancy felt real and secure. Peta admitted, “It was a positively scary moment for me because it wasn’t something that I was sure of. It wasn’t something that I knew would last.”

As Peta’s due date approaches later this month, she expresses immense gratitude for the forthcoming arrival of her second son. In a touching social media post dedicated to her firstborn, she acknowledges the unwavering support and joy her 6-year-old son, Shai, has brought her throughout this challenging journey. Peta eagerly awaits the moment when her dream will be realized as she witnesses Shai embracing his baby brother and gazes into his eyes.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, 43, who married Peta in 2017, is equally thrilled about becoming a parent for the second time. He describes the current phase of their lives as a “renaissance” for the Chmerkovskiy family, with the recent addition of his brother Val Chmerkovskiy’s first child with wife Jenna Johnson. Maksim eagerly anticipates the arrival of the next generation, noting the striking similarities between their family dynamics. He joyfully shares, “Our kids are gonna be six years apart, which is basically the exact same distance that Val and I have. Plus, Val’s son is born in January, and my son and I are Capricorns too.”

The story of Peta Murgatroyd’s pregnancy journey serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. It highlights the profound joy that can emerge from the darkest moments of struggle and the transformative power of hope. As the Murgatroyd-Chmerkovskiy family prepares to welcome their little miracle, their story resonates with anyone who has experienced the profound and complex journey of building a family.

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