Discover the Secret Behind Jennifer Garner’s Rare Public Display of Affection

June 18, 2023

Jennifer Garner was spotted sharing an affectionate moment with her long-term boyfriend, John Miller, on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Dressed casually in a plain white tank top paired with deep blue leggings, the 51-year-old actress bid her partner goodbye with a loving kiss. Garner, who maintains a ‘sound relationship’ with her former husband, Ben Affleck, 50, was at ease during the exchange.

The recent addition to the Party Down cast looked naturally beautiful, choosing to go without makeup and tying her chestnut-hued hair in a relaxed bun.

The duo seemed to be savoring a mid-afternoon coffee break, with Jennifer’s beverage served in a ceramic mug while John’s came in a disposable cup for his journey.

The couple, who started dating back in 2018, rarely make public appearances together as they prefer to keep their personal lives private.

Garner, best known for her role in Alias, does not post pictures of her three children – Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and Sam, 11 on her social media platforms.

John, a divorced father of two, Violet and Quest, shares his children with his former wife, renowned violinist Caroline Campbell.

In a recent conversation with the Los Angeles Times, the Emmy-nominated actress discussed her role in the Apple+ series, The Last Thing He Told Me, saying, ‘I acknowledge the responsibility of being the adult in the room. It’s a weight I need to carry and I have to continue showing up.’

In the series, Garner portrays Hannah, a character who attempts to form a bond with her resentful step-daughter after her husband’s inexplicable disappearance.

Garner candidly confessed she was not the first choice for the role, saying, ‘I had somewhat sidelined myself, I needed to be home and fully available.’

Garner and Affleck ended their marriage in 2018, three years after deciding to split.

Affleck, also known for the movie Air, tied the knot with his previous fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, 53, the past summer.

Drawing inspiration from three-time Oscar recipient Meryl Streep for her role as a woodturner, the West Virginia-born actress shared, ‘This may sound silly, but it’s true. When The Bridges of Madison County was released, I read about how Meryl Streep spent months ironing sheets just to embody the woman at the heart of the story.’

She added, ‘If Meryl does it, it must be significant. It really helped me connect with Hannah’s tranquility and her ability to focus and let go.’

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