Discover the Heartbreaking Truth Behind Dr. Oz’s Family History.

May 15, 2023

Dr. Mehmet Oz is fighting his sister for a few thousand bucks every month, despite the success of his daytime television show. After Dr. Oz’s father died, tensions between the television star and his sister grew. The couple will go to court (unless they can reach an out-of-court settlement) over rent money collected from Dr. Oz’s late father’s two New York City real estate holdings.

Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz
Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, seen here in 2019, has entered the race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Oz’s sister, Nazlim Oz, filed a case in Manhattan on Monday against her wealthy brother for withholding money owing to her from their father’s Upper East Side apartment units. Mustafa, their father, purchased the homes in 1983. He passed away in February 2019. The flats are now thought to be leased to high-paying tenants, and Nazlim says she is entitled to $15,000 monthly from the apartment payments. On the other hand, Dr. Oz says she is the issue.

On the other hand, Dr. Oz gained ownership of the limited liability corporation that oversees both properties. Despite his tremendous income from television and Hollywood, he used his authority to force his sister out of the transaction and keep all the money for himself.

Dr. Oz is accused of breaking his duty as corporate management in Nazlim’s court action. He used his influence to prevent her from obtaining the monies his father desired for her.

However, a Dr. Oz spokesman informed the Daily Mail that he merely suspended payments because there is a wider case involving additional Oz family members and the allocation of Mustafa’s inheritance. More individuals connected to Dr. Oz want more income to be distributed to them rather than the wealthy television personality.

Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz with his family

According to reports, lawsuits have been filed in the United States and Turkey, where Nazlim resides.

Our family, including my mother, is suing my youngest sister Nazlim over my late father’s estate, which includes NYC-based properties,” Dr. Oz said through a spokeswoman. “Because my father has legally appointed me as manager of this entity, even though I do not own or desire these properties, I am obligated to hold all income in escrow until the courts here and in Turkey have decided the merits of the ongoing litigations.

Dr. Oz’s father, Mustafa Oz, was born in Turkey. He immigrated to the United States in 1955 and worked hard to become a well-respected physician. Mustafa has three children, the eldest of whom is Dr. Oz.

On social media, Dr. Oz paid a poignant homage to his father, Mustafa, who died last year at 93.

I fell in love with medicine after watching my father perform sometimes painful procedures on desperately ill patients who later thanked him for saving their lives, Dr. Oz posted on Instagram.

Despite Dr. Oz’s estimated net worth of $100,000,000, he appears to be squeezing his sister out of a few thousand dollars monthly.

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