Brutal Attack Leaves Young Blythe Mason Partially Blind

May 17, 2023

During a horrible attack, a man used a hammer to beat a young woman so badly that she lost some sight in one eye. The court changed the sentence after the attacker declared he had “no remorse” for harming his victim.

After finishing her exercise, Blythe Mason-Boyle, 24, grabbed her keys and drove to the Energie Fitness parking lot in Birmingham, UK. The lovely young lady didn’t realise that the few seconds it took her to get to her car would affect her life forever.

Majid Ali, an 18-year-old armed with a hammer and a callous disdain for human life. He accosted the young woman as she opened her Audi A1. The kid continued pounding his defenceless female victim in the head and face. The women yelled out in despair, thinking solely of taking Mason-Boyle’s automobile.

Minutes after leaving the gym, they rushed Mason-Boyle to the hospital for gashes to her face and head. Not only that he as well as a cracked her eye socket. According to the Daily Mail, the young woman ultimately realized that the strikes to her eye had left her half-blind. Probably permanently!

Fortunately, authorities were able to track down Mason-Boyle’s stolen vehicle within 24 hours of the incident. They were not able to identify Ali as the perpetrator. When a warrant was served at his residence, they discovered the bloodied hammer hidden beneath his sofa bed. It formed the basis of the case against him.

Ali denied robbery, possessing an offensive weapon, and wounding with intent accusations. Police testified during Ali’s trial that he accepted no responsibility for the serious injuries he inflicted Mason-Boyle. Fortunately, Birmingham Crown Court considered his brutal attitude when it came time for punishment.

Ali, displaying “no remorse,” received a guilty verdict and a 9-year jail sentence. He was aiming to provide him ample time for introspection and, perhaps, a chance to develop remorse, according to Detective Constable Rebecca Woodcock.

Det Con Rebecca Woodcock said the event was a "ferocious attack on a defenceless woman whose injuries sadly continue to impact her today. As a result of what transpired at Ali's hands, she has endured both bodily and mental suffering. He has refused to accept responsibility for what he did.  But we have ensured he has time to think about his heinous deeds away from the streets.

After an extensive year of investigations and legal proceedings, justice was finally served for Mason-Boyle. Despite acknowledging it as the most challenging experience of her life, she expresses satisfaction with the judge’s decision.

Mason-Boyle said, This has been a challenging and frustrating ten months, but justice has been served. I think this conveys that attacking any defenceless person for a worldly thing is never justifiable. I can now go ahead with a life that had been put on hold and bring this chapter to a close.

Mason-Boyle is still unable to see well due to her wounded eye. It is unknown whether she will ever fully regain her sight. Understandably, she has opted to seek counselling to recover from the trauma of the horrible crime and regain her ability to drive without fear. Despite her tragedy, she advised others always to be mindful of their surroundings.

Ladies and Gents, please all be extra vigilant when getting into your cars after dark," she said on Facebook. Take the extra time to check your surroundings and observe the people around you." Keep yourself protected. "You never know what's going to happen next!

Although Ali received a stiffer sentence than is customary in similar circumstances, it still pales compared to Mason-Boyle’s life term. She will have to deal with her trauma and potentially lifelong damage for the rest of her life.

Fortunately, the court considered that this monster had no remorse for maiming an innocent young woman. Hopefully, nine years will be enough time for him to feel some sense of guilt.

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