Top 7 Blogging tips for beginners

Blogging is an easy way to make money from home. If you own a successful blog, you do not have to work eight hours daily for a pay check. You can work whenever you like and for as long as you wish.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that money will not start rolling in once you launch your blog. It will possibly take up to one month or even a year before you start generating income with your blog.
Thus, it is recommended that you keep your daytime job but start working hard on your blog during your spare time. Setting up a blog is more about making a good profit monthly and less about getting rich quick.
Once your blog start earning you enough money to live comfortably on, you can then consider going into full time blogging.

Who is blogging suitable for?

If you enjoy writing and wish to share your knowledge and experience with others, then blogging is an excellent option for you to consider.

Skills you need to be Successful

If you have a writing style that anyone can connect to and understand, then you will succeed as a blogger.

Time Required for Setting up a Blog

Starting a blog is easy and requires little or no experience. You can setup your blog within minutes and start posting if you have some level of expertise. If you are completely new to blogging, then it might take you one or two days to complete the basic setup procedures.

Top 7 Blogging tips for beginners

1. Blog about something you’re passionate about and wish to share with others. If, for example, you enjoy traveling and have been to several places, then starting a travel blog will be an excellent idea.

2. Restrict your blog to a specific topic or niche. It is never a good idea to blog about various topics on the same blog. You have be a greater chance of achieving success by focusing on just one topic.

3. Give your readers useful and unique information. Think about various ways you can give your audience unique content that will appeal to them.

4. To build a loyal audience, you have to continue giving your readers value for their effort and time. Find out what your readers require and give it to them.

5. To build a great blog, you need to post consistently. People are not prepared to wait a very long time for something they’ve fallen in love with. Thus, decide on a realistic posting frequency and be sure to stick to it. This way, your audience will know precisely what to expect and when.

6. Start a blog only if you intend to be totally committed to it. A blog can be compared to a relationship with your friends or spouse. If you ignore your blog, it will die a natural death. If you do not care about it, nobody else will.

7. Be Professional with your blog. Never criticize other bloggers, individuals or brands. Something you say might come back to haunt you. Keep your mind open and be prepared to collaborate with others. By so doing, you will certainly meet some great and extraordinary individuals.

How to Make Money Blogging

One way to make money with your blog is by placing Google Adsense adverts on your blog. You make money when people click on these adverts.

You can also make money by recommending services or products connected to your blog’s content or topic. You can do this by placing banner adverts on the relevant pages of your blog or by writing informative and engaging articles.

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