Attention, Baywatch fans! Witness Christine McGuinness in the iconic red swimsuit – it’s pure nostalgia

June 18, 2023

Celebrated television personality and model, Christine McGuinness, has taken on a Baywatch-inspired persona as she showcased her latest swimwear range while donning a minimalistic red swimsuit reminiscent of Pamela Anderson.

The host of various documentaries put on an enticing display in her top-selling, Baywatch-inspired red swimsuit from her apparel collection, leaving admirers in awe.

Dressed in a fiery red swimsuit that featured a deep neckline, accentuating her flattering bust, Christine was a vision in red while striking poses beside a swimming pool.

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At the age of 35, Christine shared: “It feels surreal building H-E-R. Presenting Siren, our repeatedly sold-out swimsuit, now available in red.”

The blonde beauty was spotted elevating her hair to highlight the sultry crisscross pattern on the back of her swimsuit, as she confidently exhibited her toned posterior.

Christine’s renowned hourglass figure was the center of attention as the stylish one-piece left little to interpretation in the bold photographs.

She topped off the look with straightforward black sunglasses and a crisp white robe while basking in the sun in a picturesque locale.

The celebrity shares three children with Paddy McGuinness, with whom she parted ways last year.

She recently reflected on their initial encounter, saying, “He was supposed to be watching the tennis, but I think his attention was more towards the fashion show. We had a common friend present who introduced us, but I can’t say I was overwhelmed – I hadn’t seen him anywhere before.

“I was familiar with Peter Kay, of course, and I’d heard of Max & Paddy, but I didn’t associate him with it. He managed to make me laugh, he certainly has a charm, and we connected immediately.

“We both were not seeking anything serious at the moment, so our meetings were sporadic.

“Our relationship started off quite nonchalantly but then he invited me to spend a night at his place, which turned into a weekend, then into a week and eventually, I just ended up not leaving.”

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