Ad Network Reviews (2020) – Details, Pros & Cons

Google AdSense

This is one of the most prominent networks operated by Google and helps online marketers to promote their products through ads. The advantage with this platform is that it gives you a variety of ads categorized according to sizes as well as types such as display or text ads. It also gives you the ability to customize your ads by varying the font, colors, and other effects.

Google AdSense pays on a monthly basis either through direct deposits or by mailing your check. In order to qualify for a payment, you need to have earned $100 on the minimum.

Bloggers who use AdSense have praised it for its timely pay. However, when it comes to support they still have a bit of an issue because it may take time before you get direct assistance from a live person.

This ad network is powered by Bing and Yahoo. Their ads are a bit different from the mainstream ad blocks probably done on purpose as a differentiating strategy. uses little colored keyword blocks and ensures that they blend well with your website. As a matter of fact, they utilize the same color scheme as your website and this makes them appear uniquely yours.

As a blogger leveraging on to make money online, you get paid on a monthly basis just like Google AdSense. Payment is through PayPal and for you to qualify for a payment in a given month; you need to have earned at least $100.


AdThrive is basically an ad network that targets family-friendly ads for display. One unique advantage with this network is that it also sets up double click for publishers on their ads once they are installed on your blog. Once you sign up, Ad Thrive analysis your website and informs you on the location where it believes their ads will have enhanced performance.

The AdThrive network pays through a direct deposit that is done on a monthly basis. This network also has a waiting list and this means for you to be listed, it may take quite some time. Depending on your page views, you can either qualify for the AdThrive Edge or AdThrive Premium. For AdThrive Edge, your page views should be at least 100,000 views while for AdThrive Premium, your page views should be at least 750,000.

BlogHer Ads

In case you didn’t know, BlogHer is one of the popular sites for women. It is this site that operates the BlogHer Ad network with most of their ads targeted toward women. It is actually one of the oldest ad networks because it has been in operation since 2006. An added advantage with this network is that it gives you an opportunity to get invited for sponsored posts of various companies.

An important aspect to note about this network is that it requires their ads to be at the top of all your posts as well as pages. Also, you cannot have any ads positioned above or beside them on your site. This is one of the things some bloggers may not be happy with. Payment is monthly through PayPal or check and the minimum you should have accumulated to qualify for payment is $25.


This is a company which delivers such targeted ads which are completely compatible with and non-competitive to Adsense. This means you can comfortably run Adsense and Chitika on the same page. When a user clicks into your site through a search engine, this ad network will present the user with a targeted ad block generated based on the keywords used in finding your website. This means it is super targeted.

To make money using Chitika, you need to have lots of incoming traffic from search engines or run a product-oriented site where people frequently come to look for certain products. A review site can work perfectly well. You can also make some good money by being a referral to Chitika.

Payment is through PayPal and is processed on a-net 30-schedule. The least amount you need to earn to qualify for a payout is $10.

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